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Compliance and Payroll Officer

The compliance function of Bleep360 is comprehensive and a very dynamic department and as a result we are looking for a new Officer to join the team.

As an overview, the role of a Compliance Officer involves ensuring that all policies and procedures of Bleep360 are accurately maintained, organised and implemented. The function ensures that all of our workers are fully eligible to work and that Bleep360 are compliant with legislation and requirements of our industry. As a result, the compliance department will often be implementing new procedures into the business to ensure we are “ever evolving”. The role of a Payroll Officer is to assist with the weekly payroll service we process for our temporary employees and to ensure all hours worked are accurately inputted, timesheets are processed and then forwarded to our Accounts department to be paid.

Key duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring quality compliance
  • Running weekly reports to identify documents that have and/or are due to expire
  • Database maintenance
  • Verifying documents and clinical competence
  • Checking and verifying packs received from Resourcers; establishing if the temp is ‘cleared’ to work according to the framework standard
  • Reactivate non active temps; those temps who have not worked in more than 6 months are required to be contacted and updated should they wish to work again
  • Compliance reminders: communicating reminders to candidates
  • Building relationships with temps and obtaining their documents
  • Meeting weekly/ monthly targets
  • Receiving training to be able to supply temps with Practical Training
  • Receive training to be able to obtain bloods for temps
  • Assisting with the weekly payroll for temps

Operating hours are from Monday to Friday 8am- 5pm and this is a predominantly desk based position. At times you may have to commit to working late to meet critical deadlines and take on additional case loads to provide the bookings staff with enough compliant temps so that they can satisfy the client with adequate staffing levels.

If you consistently strive to deliver results, hit targets and make an overall big impression on clients and candidates; this is acknowledged and rewards will be given in return. Bleep360 look for people with ambition and those who want to work towards a bigger goal. Bleep360 provide opportunities to those who work hard; providing the training and support to progress and move up the career ladder.

To apply for this opportunity or to request a Job Specification, please email to register your interest.


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