Approved frameworks

Approved Frameworks

Bleep360 has proudly been approved by National Framework Bodies which means we are committed to delivering a high standard of service to our clients & candidates nationwide!

Bleep360 is currently approved by the National Frameworks below

  • Total Workforce Solutions II
  • NHS Workforce Alliance
  • NHS Scotland

Being a Framework service provider means high volumes of work for our staff & for clients gives the added assurance of quality controls regulated by governing bodies & specialised Audit companies.

Quality Assurance

At Bleep360 our standards are high and our vetting process for registering staff is an extremely rigorous one. Our experienced Consultants are best placed to ensure you have the most suitably qualified staff to cover your posts. We are notorious for really challenging our staff with technical clinical scenarios and assessments to determine their competency levels and to gage whether they are a suitable enough representative of our agency. Bleep360 will not assign anyone to work in an area or department if they do not possess the competencies or clinical proficiencies for the assigned role.

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Compliance is something we take extremely seriously.

At Bleep360 our IT systems and procedures for regulating compliance are first class. Our innovative, industry leading software will not permit us to send a professional out to work if they are deemed non-compliant. The system automatically prompts the compliance team 4 weeks in advance if for example a Nurse’s NMC is due for expiry. This extends to many other components including DBS/ CRB’s, permission to work, mandatory training, control and restraining, PMVA for all Mental Health Staff, 2x references, annual appraisals, feedback forms completed after shifts etc. These safeguards keep us in line with National Framework Guidelines and UK Department of Health.

Bleep360 also work with a SEQOHS Certified Occupational Health Service Provider; ensuring that all our staff have the relevant health clearances they require before they can begin any assignments. If a Nurse’s Fitness for Practice is due to expire, again, our system will alert us in advance so that we can work on updating their records before the expiry lapses. For our existing Nurses, they are provided with an Occupational Health renewal form which is required to be completed for the update.

When working with Bleep360, and through the provision of a Bleep360 Clinical Professional, all of our clients are given the best assurances and safeguards they deserve to ensure we deliver our promise in the excellence of patient care.


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