Clinical Complaints & Incidents

We’re committed to providing a high level service to all our stakeholders

Bleep 360 are committed to providing a high level service to our clients, employees, temporary workers and relevant stakeholders. Should there be a clinical complaint, grievance or feedback, we encourage all stakeholders to inform us. Bleep 360 acknowledge all feedback and treat all concerns and complaints with importance and confidentiality.


  • Confirmation of receipt will be sent within 3 working days of receiving.
  • Full investigations will be held with involvement where necessary from our clinical nurse advisor


Informal complaints (non clinical complaints)

Non clinical complaints are managed internally the Compliance manager and escalated to the Operations Director where necessary. For any instances where multiple concerns are raised around one individual, our Clinical nurse advisor may be called in to assist. Depending on the nature of the complaint, a decision will be made to determine follow up actions i.e. whether a warning will be sufficient or if the temporary worker will be required to complete further training in order to resume employment. All temporary workers represent Bleep 360 and are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Should the complaint result in a breach of contract, this could lead to a suspension or termination of employment. In any instance, Bleep 360 informs the client of all actions relative to the complaint.


Clinical Complaints

All clinical complaints are referred to the Clinical Nurse Advisor and Compliance Manager and escalated to the  where necessary. Statements are requested and obtained from both the complainant and the temporary worker. The severity of the complaint is assessed using a high risk, medium risk and low risk tool this will determine how to manage the complaint and ascertain whether more information is required.

If you deem a response to be unsatisfactory, this can be escalated to the Directors/Managers by emailing your concerns to

Additional bits:

Where Bleep 360 have a professional, moral or statutory obligation to escalate a complaint that is beyond any internal resolutions, Bleep 360 will escalate to the respective regulatory bodies or  provide escalation details to those concerned.


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