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Streamlining Your Path to Compliance: Bleep 360’s Dedicated Onboarding Process

At Bleep 360, we understand that the journey to compliance can often seem daunting for healthcare professionals. That’s why we’ve refined our onboarding process to ensure it’s as swift, efficient and supportive as possible. Our unique approach not only streamlines the path to compliance but also aligns with your career aspirations, making sure you’re ready to take on your next role with confidence. Here’s how we make it happen:

Streamlining Your Path to Compliance

Personalised Support from Day One

From the moment you enter our compliance process, you’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant who will serve as your main point of contact. This ensures you have a consistent source of support, both before and after you achieve compliance. During the compliance phase, a dedicated compliance officer will handle your onboarding process in its entirety, guiding you through every step with expertise and care.

Comprehensive Assistance Throughout the Process

Our team is committed to making every aspect of the compliance process as straightforward as possible. This includes:

  • DBS Checks: Assisting with the processing of a correct Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, or accepting a current one you have.
  • CV Optimisation: Providing help with your CV, ensuring it meets the length and date coverage requirements of various frameworks.
  • Free Online Training: Offering access to leading compliance training from HB Online, ensuring you have the necessary qualifications without any additional cost.
  • Multiple Channels of Communication: Keeping in touch via calls, WhatsApp or emails, whichever you prefer, to offer flexibility and ease of communication.
  • Progress Updates: Sending daily reminders to keep you informed of your progress and what documents are needed next.

Ongoing Compliance Maintenance

Maintaining compliance is crucial, and we provide proactive support to prevent any lapses:

  • Advanced Notices: Informing you of any outstanding compliance requirements well in advance, with weekly emails and calls as deadlines approach.
  • Rapport Building: Constant communication not only keeps you compliant but also helps build a strong rapport, ensuring a smooth, personalised experience.
  • Free Training: Access to free training via the Healthier Business platform, allowing for easy and comfortable completion from home.
  • Stay Ahead of Changes: We keep you informed of any changes to compliance processes or framework requirements, helping you stay ahead.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Our “Upgrades” process can get you compliant for different frameworks, opening up a wider range of client bookings.

Our availability extends from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM for any queries or support, including liaising with companies and individuals for training verifications, reference chase-ups, and making document updates easier with Adobe E-signs.

At Bleep 360, we’re not just about meeting the bare minimum. Our dedicated compliance onboarding and maintenance process ensures that from the moment you complete compliance, you’re not just ready to be booked; you’re ready to excel in roles that match your skills and ambitions. Let us take the hassle out of compliance so you can focus on what you do best: providing outstanding care.

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